460 tri-stand chain vise tripod compatible to Ridgid 72037


Ridgid Style 460 Tri-Stand Chain Vise, Tripod.

compatible with Ridgid #: 72037.

Notice: this is NOT made by RIDGID, but in the same specification and size, also with comparable quality and do the same job.


Integral legs and tray.
fold in for easy carrying and setup.
Large work surface
The largest worktable available for increased convenience handling pipe, fittings, sealants, soldering paste and any other job-related materials.
6″ capacity
Ideal when working with larger pipe and handling other bulkier material.
Wider rear pipe support
Exclusive ceiling jackscrew design can be recessed when not in use to provide more usable work area.
Improved tool holders
Tool holders have been engineered to securely hold cutters and reamers without slippage.
Exclusive wrench holder
Additional holder to keep wrenches and other tools close at hand.
Strong leg chain
Heavy duty chain offers rugged durability for extended life and transport convenience.


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